Celebs' Quick Slim-Down Diet Secrets

From Catherine Zeta-Jones's pregnancy weight gain to Renee Zellweger packing on an extra 20 to play Bridget Jones-- these stars have shed their fair share of unwanted body fat, fast. Find out how!

Ashley Judd

Where she stands: 5' 7"

Her motivation: Named one of People's Most Beautiful in both 1996 and 2000, Judd may feel a little social pressure to maintain her fit physique. But we're guessing that the svelte star's sculpted abs are a result of her rigorous training with Steve Kim (who also trains Laila Ali) for her high-octane action films like Kiss the Girls, Eye of the Beholder, Double Jeopardy, High Crimes and the upcoming Catwoman.

What she eats: The southerner's zaniest tricks are reserved for her meals. Judd only drinks room-temperature water, believing that cold H2O is more difficult to digest, and she eschews milk. The University of Kentucky Phi Beta Kappa graduate also drinks wheatgrass juice (tastes bad, heals well) and hot water with lemon, and blesses her food with Tibetan sayings.

What moves her: While it might seem that hubby and racecar driver Dario Franchitti is the wild one in the family, Judd's adventurous streak includes sports like rock climbing, mountain biking and running. She is also a fan of Body & Soul Adventures, a spa in Brazil, where the menu includes a diminutive 1,200 calories per day and activities range from kayaking to yoga.

What she says: Once fearful about eating meat, Judd is now as carnivorous as they come: "The fact of the matter is I wanted a New York rib steak and I ate it."

Drew Barrymore

Where she stands: 5'4"

Her motivation: Always known for her girlish curves and round face, this former child star grew up under the spotlight. With every pound she lost or gained captured by the paparazzi, Barrymore is used to having her weight fluctuations documented on tabloid covers. But the actress uses the attention to her advantage, taking on diverse roles in films such as Never Been Kissed, where she set out to prove that curvy girls are beautiful and sexy, and Charlie's Angels, which highlighted her toned body and ass-kicking abilities.

What she eats: A vegetarian for most of her adult life, Barrymore began eating meat again simply because she liked it. She also started making low-cal drinks like the odd favorite Diet Coke with grenadine, and she can always satisfy her sweet tooth with Jell-O.

What moves her: While she took karate lessons galore for Charlie's Angels, Barrymore doesn't need a movie to force her into the gym. She dislikes getting too far away from a regular workout routine, including jogging, dancing and that sweat-arousing sport miniature golf. "The minute you start to get too lazy about it," says Barrymore, "you get that drive again."

What she says: "I don't eat a ton of meat, and I don't wear a ton of leather, but I just don't put strict limitations on myself anymore."

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Where she stands: 5'8"

Her motivation: Primarily known for her knockout good looks and her May/December marriage to Michael Douglas, this Welsh star garnered almost as much attention for the 50 pounds she gained while pregnant with her first son, Dylan.

What she eats: A well-known follower of the Atkins diet -- forgoing carbs in favor of meats and cheeses -- Zeta-Jones also believes portion control helped her lose her baby weight. She even employed a nutrition coach to help her choose the right foods -- lean meats, fish and veggies -- and the right amounts. She also guzzles water and touts sleep as essential for a healthy life.

What moves her: Having just given birth to Douglas child number two, Zeta-Jones is about to get back to her favorite cardio exercise -- fencing -- and the physique of her Oscar-caliber role in Chicago. "My thighs were blue," Zeta-Jones told David Letterman of her workouts for the Academy award-winning flick. "It was torture."

What she says: "I was 180 pounds when I was pregnant with my first child. It takes some time to get it off but there's nothing like a wedding to get a bride in shape."

Renée Zellweger

Where she stands: 5'5"

Her motivation: If you didn't hear about the 20-some-odd pounds Zellweger gained to star in Bridget Jones's Diary, you weren't paying attention. Though fond of her larger bra size, Zellweger, who was denied a magazine cover because of her plumpness as Bridget, was eager to lose the weight -- and fast -- when the movie wrapped.

What she eats: Low-carb diets like the Zone and Atkins gave Zellweger quick bloat-reducing results. But, the Jerry Maguire star says, just as important as food choices is her lifestyle -- no fat, no smokes and lots of sleep.

What moves her: Jogging is the endorphin-maker of choice for the petite actress. Though it wasn't easy to get started once she'd gorged on pizza, Guinness, peanut butter and ice cream for months on end, she is now back in fighting form due to regular gym visits and working out with weights. To prepare for her role as a dancing queen in Chicago, say costars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere, Zellweger was in the gym every day working on her stamina.

What she says: On dance training for her role in Chicago: "I was using muscles that I never knew I had. The high-heel muscles, those were new."

Alicia Silverstone

Where she stands: 5'6"

Her motivation: Silverstone began her career as a child model and soon moved on to sexy (if prepubescent) roles in The Babysitter, The Crush and an Aerosmith video or two. After a 1997 appearance in Batman and Robin, where the star was unfairly dubbed "Fatgirl" due to her tight-fitting costume, Silverstone began trying new eating styles and exercise regimes.

What she eats: A devout vegetarian since the age of 21, Silverstone has since used her celebrity status to raise awareness for animal rights. Now a vegan, the Clueless star steers clear of all animal products, including dairy and eggs. Says the star, "I thought it was just good karma when I started losing so much weight. But [being vegan] I have so much energy and the weight just stays off."

What moves her: Saving the animals also has done wonders for Silverstone's career. She made her Broadway debut in The Graduate in 2002 and has stayed active by starting her own production company.

What she says: On going meat-free: "I don't get sick anymore, all my allergies went away, my whole life changed."

Janeane Garofalo

Where she stands: 5'1"

Her motivation: The reluctant celebrity -- and certainly more reluctant diet guru -- Garofalo may not have the safest diet and exercise plan, but she felt it was necessary to slim down to get juicier roles in Hollywood.

What she eats: When producers stepped in and actually encouraged her to lose weight for a role, Garofalo began taking Dexatrim and increased her consumption of calorie-free coffee, Diet Coke and cigarettes. She also stopped eating late at night and drank more water. While she knows pills and caffeine aren't healthy, she quits these excessive habits once she reaches her goal weight. Then she braces for the regain.

What moves her: The comedian says that her weight fluctuates between 115 and 140 pounds. While she does join gyms, she goes for a few weeks and then quits -- usually because she simply doesn't like working out. The actress does admit, however, that she feels uncomfortable when she's at her largest: "I'm not saying I agree with our culture's view on thinness; I'm saying, I'm in this New York heat wave right now, physically uncomfortable with my weight."

What she says: "It's strange that our culture is so skewed that it's considered subversive that I'm not on the high-protein Zone diet, that I'm not as lean as I can possibly be."

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