Is Cervical Pain Normal in Late Pregnancy?

I am in my third pregnancy, 14 weeks along. My first son was born with a true knot in his cord, but is alive and well. My second son was stillborn in March, at 41 weeks gestation. In both pregnancies, in the last trimester, I had a really bad pain in my cervix. I always reported back to my doctor and midwife, and was told everything was fine. I am completely devastated that my son died. Could this pain have been related to his death? If I get this pain again, should I insist something is wrong?


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I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby. It is truly one of life's greatest tragedies. And with your current pregnancy it is very normal to revisit the grief.

These sharp pains are not common but they are not unknown either. In some women, the cervix is quite sensitive while others feel very little in that area. When the baby comes into contact with it, nerves could be stimulated or if there is any scar tissue in the area, pain can be generated.

I am almost sure that this cervical pain had nothing to do with the knot in the cord or with the loss of your baby.

With this pregnancy, you should be followed with ultrasound, doppler flow studies if that is available and non-stress tests and biophysical profiles. Any one of these tests could detect indicators of fetal distress while there is still time to do something.

You should be doing fetal movement counting on a daily basis after 28 weeks (10 movements should be felt in 1 hour or less while lying on your side after supper).

If the pain occurs again, I would request that an ultrasound be performed as soon as possible to reassure yourself that all is well and there is no evidence of any premature separation of the placenta.

Your distress is understandable and I hope you are getting the professional and personal support that you need at this time. Let us know how you are doing.

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