Choosing Carpet Colors for a Victorian Home

I have a Victorian cottage that I plan to sell next year. But if I have to choose beige carpet, I'd just as soon cut out my own heart. I hate beige. It's so -- beige. It's a darling house, and beige would really look out of place here. What I'd like for the living and dining room is a rich burgundy red or a luscious deep wine. Will choosing one of these colors affect the resale value to a great degree? --iVillager mygill


There is no need to create a bland house in order to sell it more quickly. In fact, the recent trend in real estate favors home staging, which incorporates color, flowers and other personal touches to make your home more appealing and cozy compared to vacating houses and slapping neutral colors on them to prep for sale. Many prospective buyers want to look at a house and see its potential, not its potential mediocrity. There are several ways to add color and maintain, or even escalate, the value of your home. If your style fits the period of the house, you can't go wrong. Injecting a little life into an old home usually makes it more attractive to the potential buyer.

Do a little research on Victorian colors. Martin Senour paints have a palette scheme for "painted ladies," a line of paints designed with an updated Victorian sensibility in mind. I would look at their colors for inspiration and try to find an appealing hue that also respects the history of the house.

If you really want to increase the value of your home, why not start a treasure hunt and see if there is hardwood buried under whatever is on the floor now? If you can restore the hardwood, you will have made a solid investment in your home. Even if the wood lying underneath isn't the greatest, there is a wider range of hardwood flooring systems now than ever before. And hardwood is so popular that it will surely increase the value of your home. Plus, after you lay down the flooring, you can strew the floors with bold area rugs for a boost of color. And the best part is that next year, you take the rugs with you.

Preparing to sell a home is a lot of work. The last thing you want is to fix up the house with an imagined buyer in mind while sacrificing your own sense of comfort during a stressful time.

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