Choosing Paint Colors for an Open Floor Plan

I have a very open floor plan that allows one to see the kitchen, breakfast area, living room and dining room from almost any point. I don't know if I should paint it all the same color or each room a different color. --Robin


In open spaces, I like to pick three colors: one for the walls, one for the trim and one for the ceiling. Your trim should be the same throughout all the rooms for continuity and will be the uniting device that pulls all the rooms together. You can flip the wall color and ceiling color from room to room, making them feel completely different, and yet you know they will all match for visual flow.

Let the wall color define the different spaces, but treat the look of all the rooms' furnishings in a similar attitude, as they are usually visible from room to room.

For punch, choose two accent colors that you'll use on throw pillows, covered boxes, runners and drapes. Use those two accent colors from room to room as well.

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