Collier Strong

iVillage Makeup & Beauty Expert

Makeup artist, cosmetics consultant and spokesperson, Collier Strong’s trademark faces begin with skin that appears to glow from within. From super clean innocence to sexy sophistication, for his roster of A-list celebrity clients to millions of magazine readers and television viewers, he brings effortless-looking beauty upfront and center.

Early days

Collier got hooked into the power of beauty while very young, working as a teenager cleaning brushes and sweeping up in his older sister’s beauty salon in St. Petersberg, Florida. Severe acne delivered another lesson; the critical role that skin plays in a person’s  self- confidence and how gaining that self-confidence can change a life. After graduating from beauty school, he set up his own salon in West Palm Beach, successfully honing his aesthetic, communication and collaborative skills for the six years he had the business. However, the muses of makeup beckoned louder.

Beauty identity
In 1988, Collier packed up and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his calling as a makeup artist. Despite having arrived in L.A. knowing exactly no one and with zero contacts, soon he was working with some of most exciting new photographers just coming to the fore. In time, he signed with the Cloutier Agency (where one of his first jobs was none other than Elizabeth Taylor!). Since then, as an internationally recognized talent, he’s gone from strength to strength with a body of work featuring some of the world’s most recognized – and beautiful – actresses, entertainers and models for films, television, music videos, print, runway and personal appearances.

Signature talents
That his work for celebrities is practically flawless has been Collier Strong’s calling card for over two decades. But it’s in his position since 1999 as L’Oreal’s consulting makeup artist and spokesperson where he deconstructs makeup techniques for a wider consumer audience that are flawlessly practical. His strong suit is an ability to demonstrate not only what can and should be done with cosmetics, but the how and the why. As an integral part of L’Oreal’s creative team, he works on the beauty company's print and television advertising shoots as well as color collection and other product development. Collier’s talent, warmth and savvy have also led to his seven seasons (and counting) as the featured makeup artist with the Emmy-nominated reality show Project Runway.

Today, a typical Collier Strong workweek can involve a print campaign for a fashion glossy on one continent followed directly by a red carpet event on another. But he loves it, thrives on the energy and feels truly blessed, as does every woman with the good fortune to be on the receiving end of his keen eye and perfect touch.