Concern About RhoGAM Shot

I am Rh negative, and my husband is Rh positive. I know the risks of Rh sensitization and that it can be prevented by receiving a RhoGam shot at 28 weeks and again after the birth. However, I'm uncomfortable with the idea of getting this shot because it is a blood product. Is there an alternative? If not, can the baby's Rh factor be determined immediately after the birth, so that if he/she is negative, there is no need for the shot?


Peg Plumbo CNM

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You are correct that RhoGam is a blood product, but unlike whole blood or red-blood cells, it is a processed immunoglobulin. The blood bank I consulted said the risk is negligible. Further, they know of no reported cases where HIV has been transmitted via RhoGam.

The baby will definitely be screened immediately after birth, and if he or she is Rh negative, RhoGam will not be given.

But, if the shot is indicated and you don't get it, you may become sensitized against pregnancy.

I hope you feel reassured about this life-preserving intervention.


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