Constant pain on the left side

I am five weeks pregnant and have had a constant pain on the left side of my abdomen for about a week. An ultrasound confirmed it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy. I've read that the corpus luteum can cause this kind of pain, but haven't heard of it lasting this long. I'm a bit nervous because I miscarried my last pregnancy after experiencing the same pain at the same time.


Peg Plumbo CNM

Peg Plumbo has been a certified nurse-midwife (CNM) since 1976. She has assisted at over 1,000 births and currently teaches in the... Read more

When we experience complaints that are similar to a pregnancy that previously resulted in miscarriage, we are rightfully concerned. Actually, this type of pain, in the absence of an ectopic, is probably very normal.

It could well be a corpus luteum cyst that has persisted or a ligament which is stretching. If the uterus is retroverted, tipped towards your back, the ligaments are attempting to adjust to a new uterine position. The area next to the uterus is highly sensitive, rich in nerve fibers. Of course, all other complications should be ruled out such as appendicitis, ovarian pathology and ectopic (as you have done). We must never pass off this type of pain as normal unless we have evidence that it is not one of the rare complications of pregnancy.

I wish you well, and try not to worry too much.

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