Controlling a Moldy Garden

I have what looks like mold growing on top of the mulch in my beds. After losing an azalea bush recently, I noticed that the mold was growing up the base of the bush. My concern is that it seems to be spreading to other bushes. What is this, and how do I get rid of it so I don't lose any more plants?

--iVillager shel_herndon


It sounds as if the mold is a fungus that started because of the abundance of rain this spring. I would quickly buy a good organic fungicide and follow the instructions on the label. Within the next week, if you don't notice significant changes, cut a piece off of infected area of bush and take it to a reputable garden center so that they can look at it and let you know how to treat it.

One last thing: Wherever you notice this mold on your mulch, lift it up with a trowel and discard it in a plastic garbage bag. Remember to sanitize the trowel with rubbing alcohol so you don't inadvertently spread the disease or fungus.

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