Cost of braces

Is there any foundation or grant that will help pay for children's braces? We have private dental insurance but it does not cover the cost of orthodontics. Our son needs braces badly.


I am not aware of any foundations or grants that provide this financial assistance. Some cities have free dental clinics; however, I am not sure if they provide orthodontics as part of their care. Some insurance companies may have programs where you can add orthodontics to the policy for an additional cost. Most orthodontists realize braces are expensive. They usually have a variety of flexible payment plans. I know at least one of the orthodontists I work with in my area tries to help out parents in that regard.

Check with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (e-mail:, phone 312-337-2169) or write the American Association of Orthodontists at 460 North Lindbergh, St. Louis, MO 63141, to see if they have additional suggestions. If you do find some assistance, please let me know so I can keep others informed.

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