Could Cavities Cause Bad Breath?

My three year-old daughter has cavities. She has two cavities in two different teeth. Could the cavities be causing her bad breath?


Bad breath (i.e. halitosis) can be caused by several factors. Of course, the first possibility considered is a dental-related problem. Most of the time, dentists will find tooth decay, periodontal disease, or both in patients suffering from halitosis. When we cannot find a dental-related reason associated with bad breath, we suspect other culprits. These may include sinus problems, infections, digestive tract problems like stomach acid reflux, or metabolic disorders.

Your daughter is probably too young to have periodontal disease. Therefore, it is probable that the cavities are the source of her bad breath. She also might have additional dental caries that you cannot see. Be sure to schedule a complete dental examination for your daughter without delay. If her halitosis remains after her cavities are treated, an exam by her pediatrician is advised.

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