Could Untreated Miscarriage Affect Fertility?

I'm 37 and, even though I use no birth control, I have not been able to conceive. I had a miscarriage 13 years ago but never went to the doctor. Could the fact that I was not seen by a doctor following my miscarriage be affecting my ability to get pregnant?


Peg Plumbo CNM

Peg Plumbo has been a certified nurse-midwife (CNM) since 1976. She has assisted at over 1,000 births and currently teaches in the... Read more

It is very unlikely that you would have more difficulty getting pregnant because you did not get medical attention following your miscarriage. Most miscarriages are complete, and if you did not have any infection symptoms (fever, discharge, excessive bleeding) after your pregnancy loss, it should not affect your attempts at becoming pregnant now.

If your periods have been fairly regular, you have been having regular unprotected intercourse and still have not gotten pregnant, then you must be somewhat infertile. About 80 percent of couples having regular intercourse without birth control will conceive within a year.

I would seek help from an infertility specialist right away if you are contemplating getting pregnant. They can start you on a plan of observing cervical mucus, taking basal body temperatures and inducing ovulation if you are not ovulating on your own.

Don't feel guilty about not seeking attention at the time. It is really improbable that you did something to cause infertility by ignoring a miscarriage.

Good luck.

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