Countertop Makeover

My kitchen countertops need a good refinishing. They are made of laminated material, and through the years of wear the pattern has become worn. Can I paint them? --Carole


Yes, you can make over your countertops. Here's how:

  1. Start by cleaning your surface well.
  2. Coat the surface with a nonporous paint called Kilz or Bin, and let dry overnight. Now you have a blank canvas to start again.
  3. With ordinary house paint in three subtle colors (beige, dark beige and white; sage, pale green and cream; or any colors you want), you can marbleize or sponge your surfaces with colors that will blend into your room's palette.
  4. Let dry overnight.
  5. Coat with nonyellowing polyurethane. Let dry.
  6. Then add an additional four coats (dries in about 45 minutes). After the first coat, lightly sand to re-tooth the surface with just the weight of your hand, wipe clean and continue your additional coats of poly.

There are a variety of ways to sponge and marbleize, depicted in hundreds of craft books, if that's what you choose to do. Find a look you think you can achieve.

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