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I am a full time student and full time working mother of a five year old girl. I work for my family and our office is located in our home. Every day when I get home I make sure to stop and say hello to my daughter and ask how her day went. I also give her a kiss and a hug and promise to do an activity with her when I get off of work. Since I work kind of late in the evening, the most we usually do during the week is read a book before going to bed or color a picture.

Every weekend (and I usually work one day out of the weekend) I plan an all day activity with my daughter. This still doesn't seem like enough time to spend with her. Do you have any ideas for other activities that aren't very time consuming? Things we could do together during the week to show her that even though I don't have much time, what time I do have I want to spend with her? I'd love any suggestions.


Dear Kathy,

You certainly do have a busy schedule. It is very admirable that you are spending as much time as you can with your daughter, because all young children need time with their parents.

How about trying a larger project which can be done at bedtime a bit at a time? For instance, create a book about you and your daughter. It would help your daughter remember how committed you are to her well-being. Things We Like To Do Together is one idea. Staple some paper together. On each left-hand page, place a drawing, a picture from a magazine or even a photo. Then you and she could write about it on the opposite page. Even if you did only one page a night, it would soon turn into something really special for her to keep. This would still leave time for you to read to her, which is one of the best things you can do with a child, and for cuddling time, which is the best thing.

Best of luck,
Patti Greenberg Wollman

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