Dairy allergy and whey

I have a nineteen month old who is allergic to dairy products. I am interested in whey protein because it is a complete protein. Is there a product on the market that has whey in it as well as the rest of their nutritional requirements such as the calcium, carbs, vitamins, minerals etc.? Thank you


Sue Gilbert

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Dear Rochelle,

If your son is allergic to dairy than you will also need to avoid whey since it contains some of the offending milk proteins. There are some fortified soy milk products on the market that you can try. They come fortified with various vitamins and minerals, including calcium. They also come in yummy flavors that your baby will enjoy.

Other foods you will want to avoid include butter, buttermilk, casein, hydrolysates, lactose, pudding, and lactalbumin. Have you contacted the Food Allergy Network yet? They would be a good resource for you. Find them at www.foodallergy.org They specialize in children's food allergies and offer come good literature and cookbooks.

Thank you for writing.

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