The Danger of Over-Decorating

I'm trying to pick paint and carpeting for our bedroom. I have a cherrywood bedroom set. My bedding is solid black with black striping and I have ivory accent pillows and an ivory bed skirt. I have burgundy accent colors throughout the room including a burgundy-striped curtain. I really want a burgundy/merlot accent wall. I'm thinking that I would like a super-light gray to be on the other three walls and gray carpeting. I'm concerned that I may have too much going on here. Would the gray be out of place with the ivory? Should I go with an ivory primary color on the walls and a lighter carpet or go with the gray? ?

— iVillage user rubyshoes03


I would be careful about over-matching all these elements. Your bedroom decor could become distracting rather than comforting. Bedrooms should be serene, but when they are over-coordinated there is a danger that they may begin to look like a showroom. I think that painting the walls a creamy or ivory white would look very nice, while off-white carpeting would be a nice calming base for your room as well. Gray and ivory can look nice together, but I'd recommend that you choose between the two. Before you add the burgundy wall to the mix, ask yourself if you really need it. Keeping all the walls the same color will ensure the room won't look too busy. You could still add burgundy pillows, window treatments and other accents to complete your bedroom decor and include your favorite color.

Hope this helps!

Susanna Salk, decorating expert, blogger and iVillage contributor

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