Decorate With Accessories -- Without Creating Clutter

"How do I decorate with accessories so that it doesn't look like clutter? I have a collection of ceramic cherubs that I adore and don't know how to display them. Right now, they are in my living room against my mantle, but they get lost against the brick wall behind them." --iVillager emg723


Using accessories without creating clutter is a common decorating problem. While you want to put everything you love on display, you have to be careful about how you put them on display so that you don?t create visual confusion.

You are headed in the right direction by starting with a theme using your cherished cherubs. There are several reasons why they may not look right on the mantle.

  • A brick background is probably not ideal for your figurines because it is so visually heavy. Your cherubs are probably too delicate looking, and, as you said, they end up getting lost against the bricks.
  • They also might be too small to display on your fireplace mantle, creating a sense of unbalance. If your mantle is of normal size, accessories with more height might look better.
  • If you have your heart set on displaying them on the mantle, try arranging them in small groupings of three or four in combination with some vases or candles to create height.
  • Otherwise, you may want to move your cherubs to a place where they can take center stage, such as a smaller wall shelf, a cabinet with glass doors, or the top of a dresser arranged on a mirrored tray.

    Try experimenting with different arrangements until you get it just right. Trusting your own eye is your best bet!
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