Decorate a Kids' Bathroom

In our new home we have two bedrooms for the children (one girl and two boys). From each bedroom you can go into a separate vanity-only area and then into their jointly connected bathroom that only has a tub and toilet.

How do I decorate this strangely connected space? For example, if I want my daughter's room to be pink and the boys' room to be a jungle theme, what do I do for each vanity area and the common area where the tub and toilet are? I liked this idea originally when we picked the floor plan, but now that I have to decorate it, I am confused! - iVillager wackywanda


The shared tub and toilet area should have a neutral décor (not too feminine and not too masculine), as well as have some sort of color connection with the two vanity areas. Though the vanity areas are separate - you can decorate them uniquely. But, you should at least stick with a common base color in both of the vanity areas.

Start with a neutral base color (like white or cream) for all three rooms. The vanity counter tops will most likely dictate the base color you should select. You can still create a pink theme for your daughter by stenciling pink flowers on the walls, and create a jungle theme for your sons by stenciling jungle vines. Feel free to use accents such as towels and shower curtains to fine-tune their individual themes. Enjoy your new home!

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