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My 12-year-old daughter wants her room to have a jungle feel. We bought a cheetah print comforter with a matching sham and bed skirt. We are thinking about painting her room a light or medium beige or tope and then rag painting some greens onto that. Keep in mind that the carpet is a soft green though, so I don't want it to look tacky.

Also, she wants some fake vines painted on the wall to look like they are crawling up the corner of her room. Then she wants the vines to branch out onto shelves where she will put her collection of monkeys. Her room also has a vaulted ceiling. She loves this idea, but is afraid her friends will think it's too childish. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated -- I would love to get some ideas on furniture, colors and pictures. -iVillager nrsmommy2000


Your daughter is very creative! We love the jungle decor idea. Also, monkeys are very popular right now. We have a few suggestions while achieving this theme.

Make sure the wall color you choose works with the bed linens you just purchased. You mentioned taupe. It's a great color but not if the cheetah print comforter has golden tones such as a honey or butterscotch. Take a pillow sham to your local paint center so they can match the paint color exactly.

The green ragging on top of the wall color sounds interesting. Other options are to stencil a palm-type leaf around the room, or on the painted vine.

You mentioned the rug is green. Coordinate your leaf color with the carpeting. You could use two different shades of green such as the carpet color and a dark, rich green for contrast.

If your daughter gets tired of this idea, a fresh coat of paint changes the decor instantly. Animal prints are very trendy and very chic. This "jungle" decor can move from a whimsical theme to a more sophisticated one very easily as she matures.

For more bedroom decorating ideas, check out our photos of fresh bedroom designs to fit any style.... and age!

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