Decorating a Small Living Room

"My roommate and I live in a small apartment and want to update the living room a little without crowding in new furniture we don't have space for. What can we do?" -- iVillager lMozzone


It always seems like we can never be too rich, too thin, or have enough space!! First thing’s first. Paint the walls and the ceiling a “cool “ color. If you look at a color wheel, the red/yellow half make up the warm colors. The blue/green half make up the cooler colors. I love using varying shades of blues and greens. A nice decorating trick is to use a lighter color on the ceiling than the walls to make the room appear larger than it is. Keep in the same color family and use a combination of matte and glossy versions of the same paint color for very chic walls. You could trim the doors, windows, and any molding on the walls with a glossy finish and keep the walls matte.

If you have any window treatments on the windows, move them up to the ceiling to give the impression of extra height in the room. Let the fabric puddle a little on the ground, which gives the room instant elegance… and who doesn’t need that in their lives.

Using over-scaled objects such as screens, picture frames and patterns, can actually make a room appear larger and definitely more modern. A nice screen is a good investment because it creates a separate living space or corner for you to play with and inhabit.

These simple additions will make a big difference in a small space. Have fun and I hope you’re roommate is good with a paintbrush!

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