Desperate Housewives Recap: 10/8

Down on Wisteria Lane, nothing goes unnoticed. Though the inhabitants of the neighborhood may think they're being sly, we all know that everyone knows everyone else's business, it's just the way their world goes round.

The problem is, nothing can really hide a secret when everyone knows that everyone has secrets. Which is why "in the suburbs, there is nothing more deceptive than a smile."

Our episode takes off with Gabby and Carlos's love affair, which is almost completely ruined by an intruder: our very own Edie. While Carlos is, according to Edie, "out for a run," he makes a sneaky little stop over to Gabby's house. After he's been gone for three hours, Edie becomes suspicious, and knocks on Gabby's door to find out where Carlos really is. Luckily, Gabby saves the day by making up a complex, but apparently believable lie, on the spot. She saves the day, and Carlos is able to get home without being caught.

The usual morning gossipers are interrupted by the newbie Catherine, who suggests putting together a lunch at Lynette’s house to take her mind off the chemo. All very pleased with the nice suggestion, the girls gladly agree to the lunch. As usual, Bree assigns each course to each person, but today, somebody has a problem with her assignment. Even though Bree has always brought the dessert, Catherine figures that she’ll give dessert a try. After a bit of a tiff, Catherine finally agrees to stick to her salad assignment, and Bree will traditionally bring the dessert.

It’s Edie’s birthday, and she definitely knows what she wants from her boyfriend. In fact, she goes out and buys herself the extravagant present so that Carlos can “surprise” her (and himself) with this gorgeous, brand new $80,000 car. After Carlos tells her that he simply can’t afford this luxury, she disappointedly brings it back to the dealership, though she still has this suspicious “offshore” bank account of his in mind.

Now that Susan’s eating for two, she has no problem eating a hefty waffle without feeling weight conscious. Seems like being pregnant is pretty easy. Julie is dying to go to a party down the street, but Mike thinks it’s a bad idea, as he’s done work at the house and noticed a few odd things he pulled out of that toilet. At first Susan sides with Mike, forbidding Julie to go to the party. But after thinking it over, she realizes that although Mike is only showing his care for Julie, Susan is the mother after all. She gives Julie permission to go, but under the circumstances that Mike does not find out.

Dylan bumps into Mrs. McClusky on the street, and they strike up a conversation of what a munchkin Dylan was when she was little; Mrs. McClusky used to baby-sit for her. Dylan’s father comes up in the conversation, and Mrs. McClusky reveals that he did in fact stick around for a while, which is news to Dylan.

The lunch at Lynette turned out wonderful, with delicious food. As they are munching on dessert, the girls notice how extra-delicious Bree’s famous lemon meringue pie is this week. As soon as that pie hits Bree’s palate, she knows it’s not her own pie. Catherine was just dying for Bree to try her own pie, since she heard Bree was so excellent in the kitchen. She took the liberty of putting Bree’s pie in the fridge to eat later, and served her own lemon meringue pie instead of Bree's. How convenient.

Bree knows that in order to keep her reputation, since the only special trait about her is what she can concoct in the kitchen, she must get that recipe for Catherine’s lemon meringue pie. She cordially walks over to Catherine’s house to bring her a housewarming gift: Bree’s special mincemeat pie recipe. She is hoping for a little exchange of her own. This exchange is unsuccessful, as Catherine makes it clear that her recipe box is off-limits to Bree's hands and eyes.

Edie tricks Carlos into marrying her. She proposes, with the intentions that if Carlos says no, she will be very “angry.” And people who are angry tell secrets, and Carlos doesn’t want his little secret getting out now, does he? They’re engaged! How romantic.

Susan realizes during her “sexy date night” with Mike that she may have made the wrong decision in letting her daughter go to that crazy house party down the street. She drives over (still dressed for “sexy date night,”) and after the boys at the party mistake for a stripper, she grabs the orange soda out of her daughter’s hand and drives her and Dylan home, safe and sound. She finds Mike at home waiting for them, with condescending eyes.

Gabby visits Lynette at the hospital, but is awfully antsy, making up any excuse to get out of that hospital room. After she realizes how much she’s hurt her good friend, Gabby opens up to Lynette about her father’s death due to cancer. She can’t put on a fake smile for Lynette like she had to for her dad when he was dying.

“I made a pretty good career in knowing how to smile when I didn’t really feel like it… but I can’t pretend with you,” Gabby confesses.

Dylan finds a photo album in her house called “baby days” and looks at it in her room. She finds pictures of herself when she was a baby, however, something is cut out of every picture: her father.

After Bree's multiple failed attempts to crack the code of Catherine’s pie, something occurs to her. Though she didn’t have the key to the recipe, she did have the key to Catherin’e house. Even better. After watching Catherine pull out of her driveway, Bree goes inside her house, only to find that there is a lock on the recipe box.

Dylan confronts her mom about what she heard from Mrs. McClusky, but her mom keeps telling her that her father just didn’t care about her. Dylan starts to believe Mrs. McClusky, that her father came back to see her, but her mom wouldn’t let him be with Dylan. In doubts that her own daughter begins to think that she is a monster, Catherine slaps Dylan, trying to knock some sense into her.

Now, don’t forget that Bree had entered the house earlier to try and find the recipe, but the box was locked. Not having time to leave the house before Catherine and Dylan returned, Bree hears the conversation, the slap, and subsequent solution that Catherine and her husband come up with. Tell better lies.

Carlos works on getting his bank account troubles over with.

What is Catherine’s secret? Why doesn’t Dylan remember anything about her past? What is with this troubled household anyway? I guess we’ll have to wait and see! Until next week.

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