Discoloration on child's front teeth

My daughter, who is 5 1/2, has a yellow brown spot on both her front permanent teeth. The spots seem to be in the core of the tooth not on the surface.We took her to the dentist and he said they were like freckles on her teeth and there was nothing we could do. What do you think?


Sometimes we know what causes the discolorations in teeth, such as illness or medication taken during tooth development, and sometimes we don't know the cause. When patients get a little older, after the nerve in the tooth has had time to fully develop, we can try bleaching the teeth, although this does not work as well for intrinsic staining (discolorations located within the tooth structure) as it does for extrinsic staining (discolorations located on the outer surface of the tooth).

A more effective treatment may bonding or porcelain veneers. Again, I would wait until she is older when her growth has slowed to do the veneers. It may be possible to do some bonding with the tooth colored filling material known as composite right now, however. Be aware that this will require some tooth structure removal (as would the porcelain veneers) and it may be difficult to completely mask the discoloration depending mostly on its shading. The darker or grayer the discoloration, the more difficult it may be to mask it. Even if the composite may not completely cover the discoloration, it should be an improvement over her current condition.

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