Do Cervical Mucus Changes Signal Ovulation?

Do cervical mucus changes signal ovulation? Is it an easy and reliable method to use independently, without having to take one's temperature?


When menstruation ends, a woman's cervical fluid is either dry or sticky for a few days. It then starts to get wetter and wetter as she approaches ovulation. She will usually start developing a sticky quality that evolves into creamy before the most fertile quality on the continuum, a slippery and often stretchy cervical fluid that resembles raw egg white.

The build up to this wet quality cervical fluid is usually gradual and takes up to about a week or more to reach its most fertile, pre-ovulatory quality. As soon as the egg is released, the cervical fluid tends to dry up very quickly.

I personally think the more data you have, the more accurate your method will be. As a form of birth control, I think it is much more reliable to be able to count on at least two signs that can cross check each other. Taking your waking temperatures are really so simple with the advent of basal digital thermometers, it only takes about a minute every morning. Simply pop that thermometer in your mouth and lay there cuddling for that extra minute.

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