Do Kegel Exercises Really Work?

I've been doing Kegel exercises for about two weeks now, and lately I've been feeling some soreness. Could it be from Kegels? Does that mean they're working?


First, make sure that you are actually doing Kegel exercises. In order to determine that you're using the right muscle, the next time you urinate, stop the flow and take note of which muscle you tighten. That's the one you should be exercising.

Like with any exercise, you have to start off slowly and build the muscle before adding more repetitions. It's certainly possible to overdo Kegel exercises, and if that's what you've done, then it's not surprising that you would feel sore. Of course, by "soreness," I hope you mean muscle soreness. Some other soreness inside your vagina would have nothing to do with these exercises and would require a doctor's examination.

When starting Kegel exercises, you should regularly do about two sets of six reps, squeezing the muscle and holding it tight for a second or two for each rep. Exactly how many reps you do and how long you hold each squeeze should depend on your individual comfort level. Don't worry if you need to begin with fewer reps or shorter squeezes because you'll build up the muscle's endurance as you continue to exercise it. If you're getting sore, I would suggest that you stop for a while, and then when the soreness has passed, gradually start doing the exercises again.

Because a routine may help you remember, I'd recommend that you pick a particular time each day to do your exercises '- but you don't have to do them quite so often. If during intercourse you can squeeze your partner's penis hard enough that he feels the sensation, then you've built up this muscle enough. If he really likes it and wants you to hold that squeeze longer, you may want to do more exercises, but again, try not to overdo it.