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I am 25 weeks pregnant, and as you can imagine, sex is quite a challenge! My hubby and I have heard about the Westheimer position being a good one for pregnant couples. I cannot find anything on it and nobody seems to know what it is! Can you help?


Ruth Westheimer

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The place where you can find this position is on page 125 of my book Pregnancy Guide for Couples. While I cannot show it to you here, I can describe it. The woman is on the bed, but her legs are off to one side, and the man is on his knees, in between her legs. Since she might not be tall enough to reach the floor comfortably, she can place one or both feet on a chair off to the side to give her stability. This position allows intercourse without putting any pressure on her belly, and at the same time the man can reach her clitoris to give her further stimulation. While it is designed for pregnant couples, it can also be quite pleasurable even if the woman is not pregnant.

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