Dressing for an Evening Wedding

I have been invited to a wedding at six o'clock in the evening. It is for my boss' son. Rumor has it that the dress is to be very formal, however nothing was mentioned on the invitation. What should a guest wear? -- rizy


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Dear rizy:

It's true that deciding what to wear to a wedding can get confusing at times. But unless a wedding invitation specifically indicates "formal attire," "black tie" or "black tie optional," tuxedos and evening gowns aren't called for. A male guest's safest bet is to wear a business suit and tie (a dark suit is considered more formal). A female guest might opt for a cocktail dress and perhaps a jacket or sweater she can throw over it, just in case she ends up feeling a bit overdressed (or in case she gets cold).

Saturday night weddings do tend to be more formal than other nights and, on occasion, we've seen men show up in tuxedos even when the invitation didn't call for them. Our opinion, however, is that if the bride and groom wanted their guests to dress in formal attire, they would have said so.

We hope this helps.

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