Early teething

My son is teething. He already has two teeth at 4 months. How soon before the top two teeth come in? He's chewing everything in sight! By the way, I had 6 teeth when I was 4 months old.


Your son is definitely teething a little early, but it sounds as if it runs in the family. On average, the lower four primary anterior (front) teeth and the upper central incisors erupt around 6-7 months, with the upper primary lateral incisors following about two or so months later. Given your history and the fact he already has two teeth, he may have four more soon.

Maybe you could help him out a little with the teething ring. If he seems fussy, place a slight amount of Baby Anbesol on the gum tissue right above and on either side of his teeth. Chewing and drooling are definitely normal reactions to teething. A fever or loose stool are not necessarily teething symptoms.

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