Easy Decorating Ideas for a Small Bathroom

I have a teeny half-bath. It's about 3 feet by 4 feet, with just enough room for the toilet and sink. For whatever reason, the ceiling is very high -- something like 8-and-a-half feet. Moisture got behind the paint on the ceiling, and I have to repaint or paper. The whole thing is white, so I wouldn't mind using a little more color. But I could put a whole rainbow up there and no one would notice it. Suggestions? -- iVillager Rita


I see your dilemma, but don't worry -- I still have exciting decorating ideas for bathrooms like yours! If the paint is peeling, then even if you repaint the ceiling, it will peel again. It will be also hard to paper over peeling paint. Try this: Scrape off the paint first, so that you are working from a smooth base, and then use Con-Tact paper in a fun print that ties in with your bathroom to cover that area of the ceiling. If it peels off because more moisture is coming through, then you've lost only about $6.

Another option is bamboo reed fencing. Cut a piece to fit the space and use a staple gun to attach it to the ceiling. This will give a more tropical feel to the ceiling and could be very cute coupled with some yellow and orange towels!

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