Eating too much? (7.5 months)

I am the mother of 7.5 month old twins and am concerned that they may be eating to much. I will give you an example of 1 day.

Breakfast: 9 to 11 oz of formula
Mid morning snack: 2.5 oz jar of fruit or graham crackers {very small amount}
Lunch: 1/2 cup of mixed cereal, a 4 oz jar of vegetables, a 4oz jar of fruit and water from a bottle or cup. The cereal is mixed with water also
Afternoon snack: cheerios/graham crackers {very little}
Dinner: 1/2 cup mixed cereal, 4oz jar of vegetables, 4oz jar meat w/rice or vegetables, and 4oz jar of fruit
Bedtime: 9 to 12 oz of formula.

The thing that I am baffled by is that they don't turn away or clamp their mouths shut... as a matter of fact they open for another bite. Is this something I should be concerned about or just let them continue to eat as they do, will this cause them to be over eaters when they get older? Thank you in advance for your assistance


Sue Gilbert

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Dear Sheryl,

In reviewing your twin's diet, I think the problem may be that they are not receiving enough formula. From the information you have given me, I calculate that they are consuming from 18 to 23 ounces of formula a day. In general, an eight month old should be consuming 26 to 32 ounces of formula a day, along with the other solid foods you are offering.

The foods they are eating during the day (fruit, vegetables, cereal mixed with water) are fat free and therefore have little satiety value. Even the meat dinner is not offering much in the way of fat. Consequently, they get hungry. They are not taking in many calories, and are not overeating from a calorie standpoint. They seem like they are eating a lot because, volume wise, they are, but calorie wise, they are not.

I suggest you mix their cereal with formula, and for snacks, add a bottle of formula so that you get their formula intake up to between 26 and 32 ounces a day. Formula is very high in fat, which gives your twins lots of food energy, and satisfies their hunger. It mimics mothers milk, which is also high in fat. The formula is also supplying protein, which they are not getting from their solid foods yet. So, for now, despite the volume of their food intake, they are hungry, since the solids you are feeding them are very low in calories, fat and protein (they are still good foods to offer them for their vitamin and mineral content, and for the developmental stimulation they provide).

Once you begin to add more meats, dairy products and egg yolk to their diet, you can cut back on the formula. You can begin to add those foods to their diet any time now. Once you see that they accept those foods, and show no signs of allergic reaction, you can reduce the intake of formula. You can also begin to offer milk in a sippy cup at meal times. Try this and see if you have satisfied their hunger. I'd be curious to know and would appreciate it if you would get back to me on it.

Thank you for writing.

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