Ectopic Pregnancy?

When my period was three weeks late, I took pregnancy test which was negative. A week later I had what I thought was my period with back pain and bleeding, but it was very different from normal. The bleeding lasted for six days and was very red with an egg-white consistency. About 10 days later, I had a small amount of burgandy-colored discharge and for the last four days I have experienced dizziness and a fluttering sharp pain in my left side. The doctor did an ultrasound to check for an ectopic pregnancy, but no pregnancy test. Could I be pregnant? Would a pregnancy have shown up on the ultrasound?


Peg Plumbo CNM

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Ultrasound is definitive only if it is positive for an ectopic. The machine, the technician and the radiologist who interpret the findings all have to be adept at this. If they got a good picture of the tubes and the entire pelvis and determined that all was normal, then I would be fairly confident that there was no ectopic present.

Usually, some sort of pregnancy test would be done, most likely a serum test or hCG levels. But I suppose the physician felt confident that any ectopic could have been found on ultrasound.

If you miscarried or had an anovulatory bleed, it could be ovulation occurring two weeks later. They could have seen that on ultrasound if they were looking for the follicle.

If this scan was done by an experienced team, I would feel reassured that there is no ectopic there, but if you have any doubts, seek a second opinion.

I hope all of this resolves for you.

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