Eggs not cereal at 10 months

My 10 month old son seems not to like cereal, can I give him as alternative a soft-boiled egg (3 mins) to dip toast into. He has had scrambled egg twice (whole egg) with no adverse reaction although he does not seem particularly keen on this.


Sue Gilbert

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Dear Adele,

If your son has tried, and enjoys eggs with no adverse reactions, then by all means, go ahead with them. Eggs are a great food, full of protein and vitamins. My concern with your son not liking cereal is that he may not be getting the iron he needs at a critical time for getting it. If he is drinking an iron fortified infant formula than he can rely on that for his iron intake. However, if the formula intake drops off as he eats more solids, than you may want to think about getting him a baby supplement that contains iron. Also, you may want to try and see if he would enjoy an adult dry cereal that is iron fortified. Dry cereals make good finger food snacks.

In your attempts to get your son to eat iron fortified infant cereal have you tried serving the cereal in different ways to increase its appeal? Try mixing it with different liquids, such as a favorite juice, or mix in some mashed banana. Have you tried all the different varieties of baby cereals available such as mixed grain or barley? Perhaps he would prefer it made a little thicker or thinner?

If you can get him back on to some iron fortified infant cereal, at least occasionally, you would not need to be concerned about adding a supplement to his diet. There is iron in egg yolk, but it is poorly absorbed.

Thank you for writing.

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