Eight month old: No interest in finger foods

My eight-month-old daughter is content to eat her jarred baby food and breastfeed. She has no interest in finger foods or juice. I would like her to start on finger foods for the texture and the pincer movement. Any suggestions?


Sue Gilbert

Sue Gilbert works as a consulting nutritionist. For many years she worked with Earth's Best Organic Baby Food, integrating nutrition and... Read more

Babies all develop at different rates, and with different motivational levels. Some babies are quite pleased to go along as they are, others are gangbusters to push ahead. Eight months is still in the realm of the standard age for babies to start finger foods. You can help her in this developmental step by providing the opportunities for it to come about, and that includes offering appropriate finger foods to her even if she shows no interest. When she finally is interested, you want to be right there with it.

In order to move her along to more textured food, I suggest you move up to the Jr. food line since they tend to be thicker, and are more textured than the earlier stage food, Begin to mash up some table foods to a chunky texture that she can handle. She will also catch on to finger foods by watching her older siblings eat, and you eat, therefore, be sure you are feeding her at mealtime with the rest of the family so she can observe and copy you.

Be pleased that she doesn't have a taste for juice. She can get her vitamin C from the fortified pureed fruits that you are giving her. So many babies love juice to the exclusion of other things, and are nutritionally the worse off for it. Encourage her to drink water for thirst, and just drop the juice issue. My guess is that she will eventually come to like it, even without you pushing it.

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