Encouraging your toddler to give up pacifier

My daughter will be two next month, and our pediatrician said she should give up her pacifier by her second birthday. I am a little apprehensive about this. Right now she only gets it when she is upset or going to bed. She looks forward to getting it and it has become part of her bedtime routine. I am afraid she will be unbearable without it. Any advice on how to ease her anxiety?


If your daughter is very attached to her pacifier, I see no harm in letting her have it at bedtime, especially if there are new sources of stress in her life, such as a new sibling or a move or the beginning of school.

During the day, a pacifier can prevent socializing, or just expressing oneself with words. But at night, it doesn't get in the way, and is a self-comforting mechanism.

If you do wish to take the pacifier away, it's okay to offer a substitute for comfort, such as holding a special doll or blanket, or even a cloth diaper. Some children carry these items around for a long time! But, I don't feel there is much harm in continuing the pacifier until you see that your daughter is a little more ready to give it up. She is still very young!

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