Fainting: A Symptom of Pregnancy?

I am 12 weeks pregnant and I fainted last night for no apparent reason. Is this normal?


Peg Plumbo CNM

Peg Plumbo has been a certified nurse-midwife (CNM) since 1976. She has assisted at over 1,000 births and currently teaches in the... Read more

The hormones of pregnancy, progesterone specifically, act to soften and dilate vessel walls, making dizziness a fairly common complaint of pregnancy. Blood pressure also tends to decline somewhat in pregnancy, so women may at times feel lightheaded, especially when rising quickly to stand. Still, despite the movie scenes of women gracefully collapsing and later discovering they are pregnant, fainting is a fairly uncommon occurrence in pregnancy.

Any loss of consciousness warrants a full exam and a careful history. In the end, they may find no explanation, but at least they can rule out some conditions.

At the very least, a complete blood count should be run to rule out infection anemia or perhaps thyroid dysfunction. I would bring this to the attention of your care provider and follow his/her recommendations.

I hope this does not happen again. It would be quite dangerous if you were driving or if you fell.

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