Feeding only expressed breast milk: Which breast pump is best?

I am afraid my baby has weaned herself very abruptly. But strangely she has now taken happily to the bottle. I would like to continue giving her expressed breastmilk in the bottle for several months. But I am scared about stimulating my milk supply since I am prone to clogged ducts. I am considering either renting a Lactina pump or buying the Pump-in-Style. What pump would work best for me?


Debbi Donovan

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It's wonderful that you are continuing to provide your baby with your milk. When choosing whether to purchase a pump, such as Medela's Pump-in-Style or renting a Lactina (or Classic) you really need to look at several things:

  • How long do you expect to be using the pump?
  • Will you be using the pump full-time (as in your case) or only very occasionally?
  • Do you plan to have another baby?
  • The cost of renting versus buying. Three months rental would probably cost less than half the purchase price of the Pump-in-Style.
  • How effective is the pump you are considering?

Both of the pumps you mentioned are excellent. They both have automatic cycling, which is helpful in maintaining a good milk supply. Normally, for full-time use I would recommend rental of the Classic or Lactina. Some moms feel the larger Classic is more effective in removing milk efficiently. (Medela recommends their Classic or Lactina in cases of insufficient milk supply.) Since you are prone to plugged ducts, it makes sense to use a pump that is very efficient at removing your milk. If you are not planning on having any more children, I would definitely advise rental at this time. Very best wishes!

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