Fertility Problems: Frustrated and Considering Adoption

I am frustrated with infertility and want to consider adoption. What should my husband and I consider prior to filling out papers?


The choice to adopt is a very personal decision which requires careful consideration and much discussion. Often one partner will move towards that decision more quickly than the other.

There are a number of reliable resources, which are available to help a couple weigh the advantages and disadvantages of adoption. After evaluating and choosing to adopt, experience suggests it is best not to pursue both infertility treatments and adoption at the same time.

One of the best resources when considering adoption is to speak with trusted friends who have adopted. The local Resolve chapters in most states have compiled lists and information regarding in state resources available. Furthermore, the group may have local contacts which are usually extremely helpful and empathetic to individual situations.

Adoptions can become somewhat problematic, but not impossible, if one of the following conditions exists: age over forty, criminal records, terminal illnesses, or significant psychiatric disorders. Despite the concerns raised, complete honesty regarding these conditions is critical to a successful adoption.

Both domestic and international adoptions are options which bring their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I have found that the nonprofit state and church associated adoptions are most helpful in our area. The Resolve Organization's local chapter and national organization offer an extensive support and information system, which is highly recommended.

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