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BetterSex Monday1.1If you want to lose weight, you diet and exercise. But when you want to improve your sex life, the path is not as clear, because our society isn’t nearly comfortable enough talking about sex.

Let me guess: most of you want to resurrect your hot steamy love life! Parenthood, fatigue, monotony, or a loss of the intimate connection to your partner can all be the culprit, but a recent iVillage Married Sex Survey showed that the majority of men and women feel they married the best sex of their lives!

So, let’s get out there and enjoy the very best.

Follow today’s assignment to start off with a bang!
- Ian

Meet Your Coach
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Ian Kerner Challenge CoachI’m Ian Kerner, your coach for this Challenge. I’m a certified sexuality counselor, author and frequent contributor to various national news and lifestyle shows.

Every day, I’ll give you a little homework that will help you and your partner get into the spirit, build intimacy and take action in the bedroom. We’ll begin by laying important groundwork to boost your relationship and your libido. Stick with us and over the course of the Challenge, your assignments will build on one another, getting juicier by the day.

Click here to learn more about me and my credentials.

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