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Welcome to the Challenge!
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Back to School


School starts in two short weeks, and even if you have nothing done yet, you’re already ahead of the curve by taking this Challenge!

The four of us – moms and bloggers with 11 children between us – are your coaches and have been in your shoes many times! Over the next four weeks we’ll help you tie up the loose ends to make sure you have a successful start to the school year.

Today, we’ll focus on transitioning back into school routines.

Click here for today’s assignment.

– Becky, Meagan, Marla, & Melissa

Meet Your Coach: Becky
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Becky BarnfatherI’m Becky Barnfather, a Southern California girl with two great kids, one with autism. I love to organize everything (family, home, work and more) so I started a blog called Organizing Made Fun where I share proven resources to help solve organizational dilemmas.

Learn more about Becky.

Meet Your Coach: Meagan
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Meagan Francis


I’m Meagan Francis, a writer and mother of five from Michigan. On my blog, The Happiest Home, I share insights about life, family and motherhood. I also write for print and online publications and have authored four books, including The Happiest Mom: Ten Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood.

Learn more about Meagan.

Meet Your Coach: Marla
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Marla Meridith


I’m Marla Meridith, and I’m a mom of two in Telluride, Colorado. I’m a former graphic and textile designer, and also the creator of the blog Family Fresh Cooking where I share my love for the outdoors, crafts, cooking, eating and photographing all-natural, quality food. 

Learn more about Marla.

Meet Your Coach: Melissa
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Melissa TaylorI’m Melissa Taylor, a mom of two inspiring and playful girls. I’m also a teacher, an education blogger and creator of the parent and teacher resource blog, Imagination Soup. Recently, I published a book called Book Love: Help Your Child Grow from Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader.

Learn more about Melissa.

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