Find His G-Spot Fast

How do I find my man's "G-spot" and intensify his orgasms? I want to give him the same extraordinary pleasure he gives to me. --iVillager "T"


Dear "T":

Congratulations on your attitude. If there is one secret to a great sex life, it's the spirit of giving and receiving. The simple fact that you want to give back what you get makes you a superior lover.

The female Grafenburg spot, or G-spot, is a region that when stimulated can produce intense pleasure and sometimes orgasmic response. In women, it's found about one-third up the vagina, toward the front, and is often thought of as the urethral sponge. In men, there really is no identical "spot." In the book Total Sex: Complete Guide to Everything Men Need to Know and Want to Know About Sex, based on an extensive survey done in Men's Fitness magazine, the authors allude to the male G-spot as his prostate gland. The prostate is found by placing a well-lubricated (and, perhaps, condom-covered) finger inside the anus. Once you feel the sensation of pushing against a walnut-sized lump, you have reached the prostate. Pressing or rubbing it creates an intense pleasurable sensation for most men.

Most Americans have such a negative attitude about anal touch that the whole idea of rubbing his hot spot that way may be more than you can bear. However, if you wish to give your man the "same extraordinary pleasure" he gives to you, stimulating his prostate is what you want to learn how to do. Because this gland has so much nerve conduction to the area, it's easily aroused, often resulting in an intense orgasm. Obviously, this is a great way to let your partner be in pure receptive mode, something that many men find a relief and a delight.

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