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Dear Dr. Patti: Can you tell me whether a man has a G-spot and where he likes to be "handled" during foreplay? My man's testicles always seem sensitive -- should I touch them during this time? Sex is always the "same old, same old," and I would really like to know what sets him off. He seems to be aroused during foreplay, but I want to give him instant gratification. --B


Dear B:

The search for the male G-spot can be daunting, especially because there are actually three. First is the frenulum, the sensitive area just on the underside of the penis, where the folds of his glans (penile head) come together. It looks like the petals of a flower. This hot spot, when touched, can produce ecstatic sensations in a man. It is a bundle of nerve endings and is especially sensitive when he is highly aroused and the glans is swollen.

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The second spot is the perineum, the area of skin between the testicles and the anus. This area is often a center of great pleasure when touched by a lover during sexual play. It is reported, also, to assist men in keeping erect longer and in stopping the ejaculatory release. It is often regarded as a sacred sexual spot and can produce intensely pleasurable sensations when rubbed gently or hard during high states of arousal.

The third male "G-spot" is the prostate. The prostate (an internal gland behind and under the bladder that produces fluid for the semen) may be fondled and rubbed by inserting a well-lubricated (and perhaps latex-covered) finger into the anus. Then by moving the finger around you will eventually feel this spongy object, which can be manipulated to produce intense feeling and delight.

Whether you want to foray inside his body is up to you. You may be squeamish about anal penetration of any kind. Others love doing it and feel a significant intimate connection with their long-term partners when probing their intimate parts in that way. As for your own man, there's only one way to know how to send him into orbits of joy: Ask him. Perhaps handling his testes is the way to go, but some men prefer a light touch, some prefer heavy pawing and others tell their lovers to stay away from the family jewels altogether. Learn what works for the two of you, then explore.


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