Finding a Good Dentist: 9 Questions You Need to Ask

I want to make the dentist a positive experience for my toddler twins. How can I find a good children's dentist?


When looking for a dentist, it can be very helpful to ask other parents in your neighborhood about their dentist. Gaining insight into other parents' experiences may help with your decision. You can also contact the local dental society for a referral. Most dentists will schedule a free consultation prior to the first visit.




1. Do you feel comfortable treating young children?
2. Are parents encouraged to be with their young children during a dental visit?
3. Where is your office located and what are your office hours?
4. Do you accept our dental insurance plan and will routine exams and work be covered?
5. Will we be notified when it's time for our next visit?
6. How long has the dentist been in practice?
During the visit:
7. Does the dental office appear clean and in good order?
8. Are the instruments and work area routinely sterilized and disinfected?
9. Are treatment options, techniques and fees explained clearly?

Part Two: Learn more about creating a positive dental experience for your little one
Talk to the dentist ahead of time and find out what is you can expect at the first visit. (Also, find out what is expected of you, as a parent. Some offices prohibit parents from accompanying the child into the room with the dentist.)

For the first visit the dentist will usually introduce the child to the dental office and do a quick exam. If the child is doing well, the dentist may also clean the teeth. It's best not to push things, especially on the first visit, because you want it to be a positive experience for your child.

Do not stay with a dentist you or your child is unhappy with. Dental visits should be comfortable for both you and your child.


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