First Date Flashbacks: Tales of Love -- and Losers

If you think first dates are often awkward and full of fumbles, well … you're right. But that doesn't necessarily mean a new duo is destined for Splitsville. In fact, sometimes a "bad" first date can lead to long-lasting love, or at least to a nice friendship. So forget first impressions and read how these iVillagers handled some hilarious -- and often truly sweet -- dating moments.

A Poor Pickup
One Saturday afternoon, my college roommate and I were sitting around discussing how fed up we were with meeting guys in bars and hearing the same old tired lines. So that night we decided to go out just for us -- we were going to ignore the guys and their pick-up lines and just dance, laugh and have a good time. Of course, as soon as we enter a bar, this guy immediately starts following my roommate around. After our afternoon discussion, she was determined to ignore him. Well, the guy was pretty cute and I was starting to feel sorry for him, so I said to my roommate, "Hey, give him a chance." So she turned to him and said, "So, what do you do for a living?" He replied, "I'm a nuclear physicist." She was sure he was lying and she got really angry. She totally went off on him -- talking about how the one time she decides to have a conversation with a guy, she gets a big boner of a line! She even tossed a drink at him! Well, the poor guy said very quietly that he was sorry she was disappointed and slunk away. He was so pitiful.

The next day, the guy calls her -- he said he got her number from some mutual acquaintance. He said he really wanted her to see where he worked and to gain her respect. She was touched, so she actually agreed to go. He came and picked her up, and proceeded to take her to … the nuclear power plant where he really did work as a NUCLEAR PHYSICIST! Needless to say, she was mortified. Good thing he is so forgiving -- they're about to have their second child. --hasugirl

Total Touchdown
A new guy I was dating, who was three years younger than me, was having a Super Bowl party. He told me to bring a friend if I wanted, so I brought my roommate. We were the only women there, and my date proceeded to get very drunk. He kept asking me to "help him in the kitchen." When I went to the kitchen with him, he would try to kiss me, breathing beer fumes in my face the whole time! By the second half of the game, he was slurring his words and acting very obnoxious. All the way home, I complained to my roommate, saying that I would never again date a younger man. I couldn't believe what a jerk he had been!

Meanwhile, my roommate defended him, saying he was just having fun with his friends. She reminded me that we had had such a great first date and said I should give him another chance. But I was undecided. He called the next night, apologized for his behavior and asked if he could make it up to me. I said yes. I figured he had apologized and acknowledged what a jerk he had been. Plus, he had been really nice to my roommate at the party, which was really important to me. Anyway, it has been three years and many terrific dates since then. We were married last month, and the roommate who went with me to the party was a bridesmaid. My husband rolls his eyes when I tell this story -- luckily, though, he can laugh at himself --1030114

Starry-Eyed Sweethearts One night, a great guy friend and I decided at the last minute to hang out together. It was 11pm and I drove for two hours to meet him at a coffee shop. (Okay, so deep down I was thinking of him as more than a friend.) When I arrived, he had a surprise for me. Armed with sleeping bags, he stated that tonight we were going to spend the night under the stars. We drove out of town to a quiet little spot filled with trees (he had pre-picked the location), laid out our sleeping bags and sat and talked for five hours. It was very cozy and romantic -- he even gave me the occasional back massage. And we saw three falling stars! I've never slept outside like that before. It was truly amazing. It felt like we were the only two people in the universe. It wasn't officially a date, but I think I fell in love with him that night. --iVillager

Surprise Kisses
The best date I ever had wasn't really a date. I was leaving this really great New Year's Eve party and my good friend Hans needed a ride home, so I offered. When we got to his house, we stood out by my car and talked for a while. Then when he was getting ready to go in, he gave me a tender, romantic kiss. As we were kissing, a soft rain began to fall. We just stood in the street, under the streetlight, kissing in the rain. I get tingly just writing this. What a great guy. And we were friends for many years after that. --iamlilith

Second Chances
My worst date was with this guy who was four inches shorter than me. I spent all afternoon before our date searching for flat-heeled shoes so I wouldn't tower over him. Then, as we were on our way to the restaurant, he told me about a fight he had with someone in his office. What a way to start a conversation with someone you hardly know! When we arrived at the restaurant, they seated us, but then announced that they were about to close! Who closes at 9:30 on a Friday night? Dinner went okay, although we felt obliged to hurry up. Still, I gave him a second chance and went out with him again, and sixteen months later we were married. We've been married for 21 years, and he is still my sweetheart. --lnmom

Highway Heartthrob
On the way to meet my date at a restaurant, my car broke down and I was stranded on the highway with no way to contact him. I walked a mile and a half to a motel where the proprietor wouldn't let me use the phone. When I finally found a phone and called him, he came to get me, then waited with me at my car for over an hour until the tow truck showed up. By this time we were both starving, so we went out to eat. Afterwards, I had to go pick up my son at my mother's, and since I didn't have a car, my date "chauffeured" me. He even stuck around for several hours and played with my son. What could have been a nightmare turned out to be great because my date was so wonderful about it. And in case you're wondering, he did call again … and again and again! --teenam99

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