First tooth shaped very crooked.

My 10 month old son just got his first tooth and it is shaped very crooked. It seems to be growing inwards and it is shaped like a 'V'. Is something wrong and would it have to be removed?


It's difficult for me to give you a tentative diagnosis based on this information alone. I assume the tooth is not sharp and has not injured the tongue or cheek.

Check for new teeth regularly and note the eruption pattern and tooth formation. If no more teeth erupt by the time your son reaches 1 year old, or more teeth erupt but they appear misshapen, you should take him to see a dentist.

Here are details on the general tooth eruption timeline for infants, ages newborn to 3 years, for your background: At about 6 months of age, the lower central incisors (bottom jaw front teeth) generally erupt. These are followed by the upper incisors and both maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower) lateral incisors. By the first year, 8 incisors should be present.

At about 15 months of age, the first primary molars (back teeth used for grinding food) erupt. At about age 2, the canines are present. Shortly thereafter, the second primary molars erupt. By 3 years of age, all of the primary teeth are generally present. Remember, these are average ages: some children's teeth erupt sooner and some erupt later.

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