Instead of beef jerky:
Rolled slices of roast beef
One little package of jerky will cost you 230 calories — and leave you hankering for more. Slash the calories in half with a rolled slice of lean roast beef: an equally hearty chew with the same savory taste.

Instead of buffalo wings with bleu cheese:
Grilled tenders with hot sauce
Those crispy-fried wings can approach 1,000 calories once you add the bleu cheese. “Naked” (unfried) chicken tenders topped with savory hot sauce are the best way to get that fiery Buffalo flavor for under 200 calories.

Instead of candy bars:
Special K Protein Chocolate Bar
We understand: sometimes only chocolate will do. But it’s next to impossible to put down a candy bar. Rather than OD on the sugar and fat, try a snack-size protein bar that clocks in at under 200 calories.

Instead of dried, sugared fruit:
Fresh orange wedges or pineapple rings
The sugar and preservatives in dried fruit ratchet up the nutritional stats to the point that it’s no longer healthy. Fresh fruits are literally bursting with the good stuff, filling you up on fewer calories. Four pieces of dried pineapple are 260 calories; the fresh version is 120.

Instead of flavored yogurt:
Plain yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit
Most flavored yogurts are too loaded with sugar to qualify as a smart snack. Stick with a plain-yogurt base for a fruit snack; this way, you’ve got control over what you want to add. Jazz it up with berries (fresh or frozen) or half a banana for a filling and nutritious 100-calorie snack.

Instead of fruit candy (starbursts):
Frozen grapes or frozen cherries
Rarely do we prefer our food frozen, but trust us: pop your grapes and cherries into the ice bin, then enjoy as a chewy fruit snack. 15 Starbursts will cost you 300 calories; 15 grapes, less than 70. Snack away!

Instead of fudge brownie:
Chocolate-covered strawberries
Ooey-gooey fudge hits the spot, but at 300 calories, there’s got to be a better way to get your chocolate fix. Strawberries dipped in chocolate not only gratify; they’re nutritious, filling and only 30 calories each.

Instead of gummi treats:
Small box of raisins or 100% fruit leather
Sure, those little bears are cute. But by the time you’ve beheaded enough to feel sated, you’ve already consumed 200 calories! Try a mini-box of raisins or a roll of fruit leather for the same chewy taste sensation at under 50 calories!

Instead of hot pocket pizza:
English muffin pizzas
Hot pockets will set you back 320 calories‚Ķand that’s not so cool. This English-muffin swap is a snap to make: split a whole-grain muffin, spoon with tomato sauce and sprinkle with mozzarella cheese. Easy assembly with kitchen staples means you’ll save a few bucks, too!

Instead of ice cream:
Single-stick Fudgsicles or Creamsicles
The problem with ice cream: It’s all too easy to scoop WAY more than a half-cup serving into your dish. Novelties like Fudgsicles and Creamsicles are so satisfying to polish off — and at under 100 calories a pop, why not?

Instead of mixed nuts:
What’s in that nut medley, anyway? Pecans, walnuts, peanuts — plus 400 calories and a considerable amount of fat. Pick pistachios: the time it takes to de-shell them will help you pace yourself. Plus, you can enjoy 50 (yes, 50) for 160 calories!

Instead of nachos and cheese:
Corn chips and salsa
500 calories between meals? No, thanks. Nachos slathered in cheese sauce are a double-whammy of snack sabotage. A handful of corn chips and salsa will supply the same savory crunch with more nutrients, such as lycopene, at under 200 calories.

Instead of orange julius smoothie:
Fruit smoothie
Can’t resist the food court? Slurping a sherbet- or cream-based fruit drink means swallowing upwards of 600 calories. Keep your smoothie fruit-based and sized small, so it qualifies as a snack (200 calories) rather than a liquefied meal.

Instead of pop tart pastry:
Quaker’s chewy chocolate-chip granola bar
Here’s a wake-up call: these breakfast bars are 400 calories a pair. Get that chewy-gooey taste in a healthier package with a 100-calorie granola bar.

Instead of pretzels:
Large apple
They’re tiny, cute and addictive — so it’s all too easy to polish off 300 calories’ worth of pretzels. Sink your teeth into a 90-calorie apple instead. We guarantee you won’t devour a whole bag - and it fills your stomach like a snack should.

Instead of pudding:
Sugar free Jell-O with fat-free Cool Whip
One dish of pudding can run hundreds of calories — overstepping its bounds as a snack. But gelatin, with the sugar removed, is practically calorie-free. Top with a generous dollop of fat-free Cool Whip to mimic that creamy pudding texture.

Instead of ritz crackers:
Triscuit thin crisps
You won’t miss the Ritz at all. These crisps are salty, hearty and crunchy — taking care of your cracker craving on far fewer calories and saturated fat. Enjoy 15 crackers for 130 calories (as compared to 240).

Instead of salted nuts:
Finally: salty taste in a healthy package! Edamame, or soybeans, aren’t just meant for popping into your mouth before the sushi arrives at the table. They’re lower in fat than nuts, but equally high in protein — which means they fill you up as they slake your salt craving.

Instead of tortilla chips:
Microwave popcorn
It’s just as crunchy-delicious as tortilla chips, but lighter and more airy — which means you can eat more kernels for fewer calories. (Nuke a 100-calorie portion — you’ll be shocked at the heaping portion!) Sneak it into the movies to avoid buying the jumbo tubs; they’re too much of a good thing.

Instead of whipped frapuccinos:
Skim milk latte
We’re spilling the beans: whipped cream, blended chips and flavored syrups push this snack into decadent-dessert territory, at upwards of 300 calories. A skim latte pairs the rich taste of coffee with a filling shot of milk for under 70 calories per cup.