Foreplay for Men

What can I do to turn on my boyfriend? What kind of foreplay do men like? --iVillager "S"


Usually it's the men who are screaming, "Tell me how to get her going!" It's nice to see a woman asking this question for a change. Good for you for asking!

Often a man is stimulated sexually by what he sees -- men tend to respond to visuals, while women tend to respond more to what they hear and feel. That said, some men do need to be touched or cajoled into action more directly. The first and basic rule is to ask. Ask him what he likes, needs and wants as a turn-on. Try doing this at a quiet, intimate time (but not necessarily in the bedroom). For example, you might initiate a discussion over coffee about what each of you finds to be a turn-on. If your man needs to be touched, then any form of gentle, careful and caring caressing of his genitals, and even his nipples, should do the trick. You can do this with your hands, of course, but you can also use your mouth or even your breasts. Believe me, it will work.

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