Forget the forks, which plate do I use?!

Dear Ms. Demeanor:

When sitting at a set dinner table, do you use the bread plate and napkins that are to the right of you, or to the left?



Dear Louisa:

This is a dilemma faced by a lot of people a lot of the time.

Your glassware will be to your right. Bread plate will be to your left. If your napkin is not on or immediately above your plate, it will be to the left as well. Here's a good way to remember what belongs to your place setting at a crowded table: The first two letters of "drink" are "DR." Think, "drink right, eat left." And as for cutlery, always move from the outside in--the pieces furthest from your plate are meant to be used first. The little spoon set above your plate? Save that for coffee.

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