Are Your Jeans Too Tight?

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Are Your Jeans Too Tight?
Wed, 11-27-2013 - 12:58pm

If the first thing you do after spending a day at work or an evening out in practically painful, too-tight jeans is peel them off in favor of roomy, baggy sweats, you’re not alone.

A new survey from U.K. fashion and lifestyle club StyleCard finds 42 percent of women would rather wear denim that’s too small than go up in size, the Daily Mail reports. Actually, we’re a little surprised that number isn’t even higher.

Are Your Pants Too Tight? Why 42% of Us Don’t Want to Buy Jeans That Fit:  

42% seems low to me too!  Do you have jeans that are too tight?  Do you keep a pair of 'skinny' jeans in your closet?

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