Larger Women Charged More For Waxing

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Larger Women Charged More For Waxing
Thu, 12-05-2013 - 10:08am

The last time you got waxed you may have paid a little more to get a special scrub or a bottle of goop that you were told would magically erase the pain of having the hair ripped out of your body. If you’re a client of MM Bubbles in London, next time you might be charged more just because of how you look.

The salon is charging women who are a size 12 (an American size 8) a surcharge of about $8 and women size 18 (an American size 14) a surcharge of around $16. Huffington Post reports that a UK size 22 reporter who went into the salon to test the policy was told by the salon owner, "I know maybe for you it is not very nice but I use more stuff."

I've never gone it to have a waxing done, have you?  Do you agree with the salon charging more based on size? 

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Thu, 12-05-2013 - 4:44pm
I get waxed about every 5 weeks and its a set price on their price sheet. I can understand possibly the need for a price range based on area size, obviously a leg wax is more expensive than a bikini wax because its a much larger area. But I would think that the company would do an average "set" price and in the long run, they would lose money on some clients but make more on others so that it evens out. I would think doing that, instead of potentially losing clients and the word of mouth associated with it would could less in the long run.