Plus-Size Bikinis

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Plus-Size Bikinis
Thu, 05-02-2013 - 7:59am

For many women, the bikini is either something to loathe or love. Gabi Gregg is firmly in the latter camp: the 26-year-old loves a fashionable two-piece.

The only problem, says the fashion blogger, is the lack of trendy choices for her size 18. More often than not, she told TODAY, department stores carry “terrible” swimsuits for plus-size women. 

What kind of bathing suit do you wear? Would you give a binkini a try?

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Sun, 05-26-2013 - 11:23pm
I have to agree, if you are a plus sized girl it is hard to find cute swim wear that you can feel good about wearing, Most look like my grandma's suit

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Wed, 05-22-2013 - 12:30pm

Bikinis are NOT for me, but I give a lot of credit to those that are confident enough to wear one.  Good for them!  Personally I've been wearing board shorts with a tankini top.  It's what I'm most comfortable wearing at this point.