Plus-Size Runway Show at Fashion Week!

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Plus-Size Runway Show at Fashion Week!
Mon, 09-09-2013 - 8:19am

A plus-size designer showed her styles at New York Fashion Week this morning, and, yes, that was a collective sigh of relief you heard from non-waifs everywhere.

But before you strip off your Spanx for good, you should probably note that Eden Miller’s Cabiria line, part of the Fashion Law Institute's spring showcase, was one of a kind.

Never mind that the average American woman wears a size 14. reports this collection is a Fashion Week first.

So refreshing to see!  Hopefully we'll see more of these shows in the future.  

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Fri, 10-04-2013 - 3:13pm

I hate that the fashion world thinks a 12 or 14 is Plus Size though. Oh to be so "fat" as to fit into a 12. LOL

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