Top Color For Spring 2014

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Top Color For Spring 2014
Thu, 09-05-2013 - 8:43am

If the thought of summer coming to an end has you feeling a little blue, you really must be looking right past fall and straight ahead to next spring.

Just in time for the September 5th kickoff of New York Fashion Week — featuring styles for spring 2014 — the Pantone Color Institute has announced the most popular color for the season for women will be “Dazzling Blue.”

So, what, exactly, makes that shade of of the classic color, used by 17 percent of designers in their upcoming collections, dazzle? Well, it’s the color of Facebook’s Social Butterfly Blue nail polish and Kate Middleton’s much-desired Issa engagement announcement dress, according to Women’s Wear Daily. And it’s more exciting than navy.

Pantone's No. 1 Color for Spring 2014: Dazzling or Just, Well, Blue?-

What do you think of the latest color trend?  Is your wardrobe ready?  

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